Wills & Estates

Arnett, Draper & Hagood, LLP wills and estates attorneys provide assistance for legal concerns that may arise near the end-of-life, such as the disposition of property, and decisions regarding the health care of a seriously ill or disabled loved one. Perhaps the most important service we offer in this regard is the legal advice and assistance we offer for individuals and families to plan for these situations.

A summary of some of the more significant services provided by the wills and estates practice group of Arnett, Draper & Hagood, LLP is as follows:


  • The drafting of Wills to dispose of property at death, in accordance with the owner’s intentions and directions.
  • The proper execution of Wills to meet the legal requirements for their validity.
  • The drafting and proper execution of Living Wills to assure compliance with an individual’s own wishes for health care during his or her terminal illness.
  • Advice regarding property interests that will not be distributed by Will.
  • The drafting and proper execution of Durable Powers of Attorney for Health Care, to provide for health care decision-making upon an individual’s disability or incapacity.


  • The proper filing and administration of probate and other kinds of decedents’ estate.



  • Wills Contests and Construction Litigation
  • Supporting and Advising Fiduciaries in Litigation
  • Supporting and Advising Beneficiaries
  • Defending Fiduciaries in Fiduciary Liability Cases