Several of the firm’s members work as mediators and are certified “Rule 31 Mediators” under the Rules of the Supreme Court of the State of Tennessee. One is also a certified Mediator for the United States Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee.

Over the last decade there has been significant movement toward the utilization of alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) mechanisms to resolve legal controversies. The mediation process is utilized both before and after litigation is filed. Our Federal Court and State Court systems can require litigants to mediate their cases. Mediation provides an alternative to a full trial and all of its attendant expense, time, delay and uncertainty.

Recognizing (1) the growth of the use of ADR mechanisms, (2) the encouragement and, in some instances, the requirements of courts that matters be mediated before proceeding to trial and (3) the savings of cost and time which can be achieved through mediation, several of the firm’s lawyers have developed significant experience and skill as mediators and offer their services to persons desiring mediation of their legal disputes.